Taking the Fear and Expense out of Divorce

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Taking the Fear and Expense out of Divorce

We are Rezolo, the Tampa-based divorce mediation service known for taking the fear and expense out of divorce. We know getting divorced or attempting to resolve a family law issue is difficult under the best of circumstances. With traditional divorce litigation, which can be time-consuming and stressful, you’re in for emotional and financial disruption. Mediation, which often costs one fourth as much as ligation, offers a more productive alternative.

Our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality divorce and family mediation services. In addition to economic advantage, benefits of divorce mediation include:  

  • It’s confidential: Everything said inside the mediation room can never be brought into court.

  • You’re in control: You—and not a court—make the decisions regarding your family.

  • It’s a voluntary and collaborative process: You’re in a zero-pressure environment. Take things at your own pace.

We also offer mediation sessions using an innovative online platform. That way, you can participate in the mediation remotely, in a place you find comfortable and safe. This approach also eliminates travel time, which can be a problem for people with work and family commitments.

As mediators we respect party self-determination. Both parties to any conflict must agree to mediate. You can elect to terminate the mediation process at any time. We adhere to the rules of professional responsibility as mediators to be neutral and impartial. Our only goal is to help facilitate resolution between disputants.

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