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Rezolo Expands Online Divorce Mediation “Remote Resolution” Service 

Spouses now have new options for conducting divorce mediation remotely through an online platform  

TAMPA, Fla. – October 11, 2018 – Rezolo, the Tampa-based divorce mediation service known for taking the fear and expense out of divorce, today shared that it has expanded the capabilities of its innovative “Remote Resolution” services. The service enables spouses to conduct divorce mediation remotely through an online platform. It makes the divorce mediation process more convenient and comfortable for participants.  

“This expansion of our remote online mediation functionality furthers our overall mission of providing quality divorce and family mediation services at an affordable cost,” said a spokesperson for the firm. “With our online option, you save on travel time, which is at a premium when spouses have work and childcare responsibilities on top of the stress of getting divorced. It also enables people to be in a comfortable, familiar place when they’re engaged in the mediation process.”

Rezolo has succeeded in divorce mediation in Tampa because the firm recognizes that getting divorced or attempting to resolve a family law issue is difficult under the best of circumstances. “The additional stress of the traditional litigation approach generally increases both the emotional and monetary costs of this process,” the spokesperson added. In contrast, mediation offers a time and cost-effective alternative. The online platform makes the process even more time and cost-effective. Mediation is often less than one fourth of the cost of an average divorce.

As detailed on the firm’s website,, Rezolo has a successful track record in helping people resolve their issues in a respectful and civil manner. Mediation can settle almost all family law matters, including, divorce, child custody, spousal support, child support, community property, post-divorce modification, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements.

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